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I'm Valerie


Valerie has been an entrepreneur in some sense of the word since she was 14 years old. She has always deemed herself a creative, but never has she taken on something of this caliber!  As an Army combat Veteran; fear is simply not in her vocabulary; as she knew creating this space would be somewhat of a challenge; her previous experience in the military assured her that she could handle the pressure of creating a new business in the middle of a pandemic.

Valerie holds a Masters's degree in Human Resources; a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration as well as countless other certifications; her experience and education have allowed her to create, develop and run multiple successful businesses. The Selfie Xperience is the newest "baby"

She, along with her dear friend created and designed The Selfie Xperience. ! They created a Pinterest board; watched YouTube videos, and got to work!   This is the true definition of hard work and dedication and belief in one's self.  Her ultimate goal is to coach other business owners as well as future business owners through their entrepreneur journey with classes and in-person training at The Selfie Xperience.

Contact information
Phone: 678-545-0734
Text: 678-578-0216


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